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Convergence of EU and US Industrial Policy: “The obsession of Competitiveness”

Sarah Guillou
p. 181-200

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1. Introduction
2. An Industrial policy for a threatened manufacturing industry
2.1. To what degree is the Manufacturing sector in decline?
2.2. Convergence of views due to parallel concerns
2.2.1. How their views nally match
2.2.2. The fear of losing technological leadership
3. Competitiveness: the key word
3.1. What is competitiveness?
3.2. How can competitiveness be improved, if necessary?
4. Concluding remarks: why this obsession will be accentuated and why it should be mitigated

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1. Introduction

Two dynamics led to a convergence in the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) industrial policy views: institutional EU construction on the one hand, and a common threat from Asia’s economic ascent on the other hand. This convergence is not however a sign that the EU and the US have reached equal economic performances. But the similarities of the way they perceive industrial policy shed light on their shared perception of future economic challenges.

The EU members have no common industrial policy similar to their shared trade policy for instance. That said, the EU remains the source, not only of many industrial projects that ultimately build industrial policy, but also of many of the rules that shape individual EU members’ industrial policy. The bulk of rules and communications from EU institutions contribute to a specic view as regards industrial policy. I will discuss this view here, putting aside the respective industrial policies of individual EU membe...

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Sarah Guillou, « Convergence of EU and US Industrial Policy: “The obsession of Competitiveness” », Revue d'économie industrielle, 145 | 2014, 181-200.

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Sarah Guillou, « Convergence of EU and US Industrial Policy: “The obsession of Competitiveness” », Revue d'économie industrielle [En ligne], 145 | 1er trimestre 2014, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2016, consulté le 25 novembre 2017. URL :

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Sarah Guillou

SciencesPo – OFCE, GREDEG – CNRS

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